We love challenges. We willingly undertake unusual cases, often starting where others have already laid down their arms. We are not afraid to conduct trials in which large amounts are at stake. Does the dispute seem complicated and difficult? These are exactly the types of cases we work on at MyLo.

We handle cases for Polish entrepreneurs as well as for foreign companies. We take care of class action lawsuits, disputes with banks and other financial institutions or even state disputes. We solve complex corporate conflicts.

What sets us apart from other law firms? The combination of experience in lawsuits with knowledge of development issues and bankruptcy law makes us different from the rest. We have helped several groups of clients who were injured parties affected by failed construction projects. Disputes in this industry are also our specialty. We represent investors involved in conflicts with subcontractors and banks and we also represent contractors in disputes with customers and developers in corporate disputes as well as housing cooperatives in cases against developers. We are also experts on mortgages.
Our experience gained in the courtroom translates into better guidance for companies during various types of transactions. We have conducted many disputes based on agreements which we have examined – therefore we know how to eliminate and exclude errors that were the causes of conflict.