Tomasz Pogoda

legal advisor

I have been working at MyLo since 2010 which marked the law firm’s very beginning.

I have always been interested in entrepreneurship, hence my decision to dedicate my future to commercial law.  During my studies at Jagiellonian University I chose subjects that could thoroughly prepare me for my dream profession as a legal counsel.  My Master’s Thesis on company law was written under the supervision of Professor Weiss at the Department of Economic and Commercial Law.

In 2007 I started working in a legal advisory office. I was responsible for supporting businesses – primarily one of the biggest retail chains in the food industry. During the course of just three years I have participated in more than 200 court hearings, which has allowed me to gain knowledge concerning civil law.

I have also advised on transactions and corporate matters.

As part of my professional work at one of the major law firms in Krakow, I have collaborated with companies from the TELE-FONIKA Cables group.  I was responsible for the coordination of legal services for foreign companies.  At the same time, I provided legal advice in commercial and real estate transactions as well as in employment matters.  I participated in providing legal services to the Azoty Group in Tarnów (Zakłady Azotowe) in both local and international sales transactions and acquisitions.  I have also represented a group of clients from real estate companies in disputes with investors, initiating successful bankruptcy proceedings and afterwards, helping out with the restructuring of the business.

At MyLo I am constantly developing my expertise by providing ongoing legal assistance to businesses, in the process of transactions in the property market, restructuring and litigation.  My clients, among others, are foreign companies – mainly Slovakian and Ukrainian – whom I advise on matters related to starting up a business in Poland.  I have unique experience in bankruptcy proceedings, such as condo hotels.  The affected investors which I helped, have often turned to me with a request for further legal assistance in the creation of buildings and facilities from scratch – which turn out to operate and function smoothly.