Łukasz Gładki


I started working at MyLo in 2010, which marked the law firm’s very beginning.

I graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Jagiellonian University where I also completed my PhD.  My thesis and doctoral work focuses mainly on issues related to company law and capital markets.  I have taken the opportunity as a lecturer at conferences and as the author of various publications to willfully share my knowledge and acquired experience with others.

Within a short timeframe, already in my third year of studies I began to put my knowledge into practice by working full-time in one of the largest law firms in Poland.

As a result, I am already proud to have several years of experience in the preparation of procedural strategies and handling litigation and arbitration.

I represent clients in legal proceedings concerning economic, civil and penal cases.  I especially have extensive experience in handling cases related to corporate disputes and the implementation of investment and construction projects.  I have been the attorney in several leading cases and class actions.

I use my experience with handling cases to provide legal advice in the field of company law and capital markets.  I have repeatedly participated in the creation of holding companies, the negotiation of investment agreements, M&A transactions as well as the shaping of corporate governance.   My clients are, among others, public companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and NewConnect, as well as shareholders and members of the largest companies in Poland.  I advise them on matters concerning disclosure obligations.

I am passionate about the practice of law. If others say that a case does not have any legal possibilities, I stubbornly search for new ways of action. As a result, I am able to recommend alternative solutions.

I have received much recognition for my professional work, among others, by Forbes as the 2013 Professional.  However, the most important reward for me is MyLo client satisfaction.